Charlotte's ship got hit!

The Airship Chase is a minigame that is featured on Eternal Remien where it involves a main characters getting chase by an enemy. You will get attack after an allotted time with limited number of heals/repairs for the ship. If unable to heal, it will result in a game over. The main idea is to reach the other end of the map safety with a manageable amount of health from the airship. The controls are:

  • Steering: Left/Right
  • Launchers: Up
  • Z Button: Activate Crystals (If one's in front of you)[1]
  • A Button: Heals/Repairs your ship
  • Down Button: Unused[2]
  • X Button: Unused[3]

The ChasesEdit

Zeypher's ChaseEdit

This is the first time the player participate in the Airship Chase and this opponent is none other than Zeypher. In this portion of the game, you are given 3 Launchers, and 3 Heals. After you get attack five times (if you choose not to heal) it will result in the game over screen which will be reverted to your last previous save file. Crystals will pass you, and if you touch and/or press the Z button it will activate the crystal and grant you one additional launcher. With each launcher use, it will move your move three spaces up closer to the end.

It first appears in the beginning right after Charlotte and Eli are caught by Zeypher stealing one of the rare Royal Jewels from his room. The scene later continues in Xystero Plains where Zeypher is now accompany by the Remien Guards. Charlotte and Eli jump into the airship, by Zeypher's orders he brings out his Airship. So now the chase begins! Once you reach the end of the map, (which you'll notice to star icon in the left and right of the screen) Charlotte states that they have reached a borderline and to activate the barrier to prevent Zeypher and hi guards to progress forward. This barrier is causing the ship to lose signal and power and are force to retreat back to the castle.


As a separate bonus, you can download the demo in RPG RPG Revolution which features the first Airship Chase with Charlotte and Zeypher. It is also the very first content to be presented relating to the Eternal Remien universe. The player might be required to become a member of the website in order to download the separate mini-game.

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  1. You can also activate a crystal if you touch from the left or right sides
  2. If pressed, it will revert your movement, and move the sprite forward once to the same spot. Player is not required to use this button as it doesn't progress the minigame.
  3. Cannot access the main menu during play.