Art is the name given to the different magical element around the world. There are further divided into four main types: Red, Blue, Black and White. Typically only Remiens are able to learn any type of Art but Non-Remien are able to learn it but requires a lot of training. Even someone with a little as 1/16 Remien can learn faster than a Non-Remien.


Many years ago, most of the Asuria believe those who were of Remien blood are curse from society and thus are banish to Remien Village or exile and left to die in cold reaches of Remienium Islands. Those who felt sorry for them would be kind enough to leave them with other Remiens in the village while others are left to wither away. It was believed that Remien blood came from the dark souls of the person and is the seed of evil which could potentially destroy the world. In some city like Rirnikk would openly kill Remiens in public for mere amusement.

Suddenly around the 1462, the ravage civilization known as the Kulans made their way into the Asuria captial of Nyro and cause havoc within the city. This became known as the Kulan War. Remiens at the time were forbidden to use their Arts and thus were thought to be as useless, so no one of High Rank even ask for their help. It was almost fifty years of endless war and death. Many of Non-Remiens were dying off and thus caused [Forgot Name; edit later] ask his son who was the Grand Leader of Remien at the time for help. This was blasphemy at the time and being the most powerful leader (Grand Leader of Nyro), no one dare object his wishes yet you can still see the digusted expression on the people's faces of his actions. The Grand Leader allowed the Remiens to use their Arts which proved to be the most effective against the tough skin of the Kulans. Within the short time span (2 years versus their 50 years of fighting), the Remiens were able to fight off the Kulans back to their continent.

After the victory in 1514, with the help of the Remiens, they were able to divide the two powers in the Kulanic World using their Arts. Since then, Remiens were giving more freedom throughout most of the Asuria continent. While others like Eduna and Rirnikk follow their old tradition against such acts. With this addition of awareness, this drove the Asurian citizens into chaos. So, the Grand Leader made an agreement (with the help from the Remiens) to divide the lands in Asuria and their own rules in regards to the Remien race.

Since then, more and more people became interesting in learning the Arts thus form the Remien Arts Academy which is still active today 500 years later.

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Black ArtsEdit

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