Continent of Asuria
Vital statistics
Type World
Location Within Remien Village
Notable Inhabitants Non-Remiens

Asuria is the name given to the whole world but is primarily name for the continent. In the northern hemisphere lies another continent known as the Remienium Islands. Many know of it as the island of fugitives and traitors of the Asurian world. In the eastern hemisphere lies the continent of the Kulans which are divided in two section after their lost in the Kulan War for the world 500 years ago. It was primarily divided so that they can stop their growth in power and prevent them from another Kulan War.

Current EventsEdit

It is currently enjoying peace in the year 2014. A long 500 years of peace between the various races of the world: The Remiens, the Non-Remiens (Humans) and the Kulans. It currently maintain a stable system of how the world should be. Kulans in their world located far away in the Eastern Hemisphere, and the rest of the world in the Western Hemispshere while those who are radicals exile in the Northern Hemisphere of the Remienium Islands whether they are Remiens or not.



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