Black Art is the second most common of Remiens who are born with any of four arts. Similar to how White Remiens are born, they will first glow a bright white color but after a short span (Usually from seconds to a few minutes) will fade to black which eventually fades away to nothing. Hundreds of years ago, many assume this was the darkness of the baby's soul and were commonly killed in order to prevent massive future destruction. Now it is more commonly accepted as part of the world and how they are born yet some still speculate they can still grow up as being of evil intention especially during the Black Vengeance War some years after the Kulan War victory. Over time, Black Remiens were treated more equal to other Remiens.

Black Arts is also the second easiest to learn next to the Red Arts and the most common second art to learn after they master their natural ability (if they don't already know the art). Black Arts usually consist of destructive skills like Pyro and Freeze that are meant to damage their foes. The downside is that if your allies are too close they can receive the effects as well. With more practice and training, they are able to navigate away or avoid the ally and only damage their intented target.


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