Black Remiens generaly consist of offensive magic arts that are tradionally used against their foes. It is also known as the Black Arts. Those individuals who are of initial Black Remien blood are the easiest detechable against the Remienium Radar (Name Subject to Change) which primarily used in the city of Rirnikk. On the plus side, Black Remien can out live all the other Remiens and has telepathic ability known as, Sense. Most of the abilities are learn as they progress in their arts. Next to White Remiens in terms of birth and their initial Art, Black Remien blood is the second most common.

Learning the Black ArtsEdit

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Learning the Black Arts is the second easiest next to the Red Arts. Many who try to be master more than one art (their initial art) will try to learn this. Although it is rather easy to learn the basic, learning Sense is the hardest to achieve unless you are born as a Black Remien.

Black Art SkillsEdit

Initial Black Remien CharactersEdit