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The Flavored Drink is a healing item in the Eternal Remien series. It's shaped as a bottle which like it's name suggest, it is might to be drank. A Flavored Drink restore a more amount of Stamina to a single party member than a regular Drink and another basic healing item in the game that doesn't require any Synergy. In addition to a Flavored Drink, there's are other forms of drinks that have higher levels of healing power called Energy Drink and Full Energy Drink. There are also drinks like 6-Pack Drink which acts as a Drink used on all party members.


This drink is another way to restore health in the Eternal Remien games and are typically found a little later on the game once the character progress in skill and stats. As a added bonus, Flavored Drinks can be used on the undead to cause damage. You could also use a Flavored Drink to mix into other unique objects using the Item Synthesis system.


Eternal RemienEdit

Flavored Drink
Also Known As High Beverage
Info Increases more of the stamina for one character
Effect Restores half the character's max Stamina
Buy In Most towns after a certain point of the game
Cost (Before Taxes) 500 C (Credits)