Lolita Anaconda
No use in running now!
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday April 20, 1997
Sun Sign Taurus
Moon Sign Scorpio
Race Remien (AA Remien)
Height 5'8"
Weight 132 lbs.
Birth Place Eduna
Weapon Fist
Secondary Weapon Sword
Family Jiyua Buan (Father)
Friends Zeypher Melkor (Ally)
Erica Beth

Lolita Anaconda is an ally of the main anatangist in Eternal Remien, Zeypher Melkor. Much of her history is left unknown, but what is clear is her love and devotion to the every wishes of Zeypher. Normally, Zeypher doesn't associate heavily to those below the ranks of an Elite Remien yet he see potential in mastering the Remien Arts by his presents.


Lolita's appearance consist of dark crimson hair.


Lolita Anaconda's birth name was originally Victoria Belle Buan, the daughter of the great Swordmaster of Eduna, Jiyua Buan but was changed due to political reasons. If a Swordmaster of a nation who are Anti-Remien was known to exist among them, he would be banish and possibly murdered.

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