A minigame (also spelled mini-game or mini game and sometimes called a subgame) is a short video game often contained within another video game. A minigame is always smaller or more simplistic than the game in which it is contained. Minigames are sometimes also offered separately for free to promote the main game.

Minigames occur variously as gameplay features, or as time fillers while levels are loading, or as Easter eggs. In the latter case, they are often called "secret games". In the former case, the successful completion of such minigames may or may not be required to finish the encompassing game.

The Final Fantasy series is notable for featuring minigames in every entry of the series, ever since the first Final Fantasy during 1987, in which a sliding puzzle in the form of an Easter egg can be unlocked while boarding the ship. In Final Fantasy II (1988), a matching game can be unlocked while boarding the ice sled and meeting a certain requirement. Later in the series, Final Fantasy VII (1997) was the first video game to include within it at least thirty minigames, which remains the largest number of minigames for a role-playing game.

Some minigames can become so popular that they were eventually published as individual titles by themselvse. A notable example is Geometry Wars, which was originally a minigame in Project Gotham Racing 2.

Eternal Remien MinigamesEdit

Airship ChaseEdit

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This minigame first appeared right at the beginning of the game after a scene where Charlotte stole a priceless Royal Jewel from Zeypher's room. Zeypher refused to let her and the Remienium Thieves' guild leader, Eli get away in their airship, so he ordered his Guards to get his Airship. Thus the mini-game starts and you control Charlotte's ship as you try to reach the end by using launchers. After an alotted time, Zeypher will ordered his men to fire his missiles. If he attacks your ship to zero health, the ship will crash and it will result in a gameover. You are able to heal up to three times during the first chase.

After some while, you can participate in other more difficult Airship Chase events which could results in more launchers, more heals, and better rewards in surviving.

Eteranl Remien II MinigamesEdit