Remien Village
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City of the Arts
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Type Village
Location Within Remien Royal Gates
Remien Arts Academy
Dry Mountain
Talos' Shack
Sophia's House
Enrike's Pad
Notable Inhabitants

Remien Village is the initial location within the Eternal Remien universe. It is the only place within the Asuria continent to feature the Arts as the main source of "technology", resource, networking, and learning. Although occasionally car pass through the village, most Remiens don't use such "inferior" technology. So as the other places in the Asuria world are advancing in transportation, communication, and other advancement, Remiens perfer the use of the Art to get what they need done. So instead of teleportation devices, they can teleport themselves via the Black Art pods which can also be used instead of cars. If one chooses to used Non-Remien technology such as cars, airship, or boats, they will add an element of the Arts for improvement. Some examples include, instead of rocket fired missiles, they'll use Black Remien's Pyro skill as ammunition or using a barrier for boats to prevent the waves to overpower the controls during maneuvering through locations.

Many places outside Remien Village are using telephones, or satellies to communicate and network information globally. While Remiens used another form of Sense that Black Remien typically are born with to relay information telepathically using an invented device made from the Ancient Black Remiens some time after the Kulan War. Many Remiens who are born and raised in the village have never experience Non-Remien technology and find it interesting yet inferior. Vice versa, Non-Remiens believe they should get with the times and typically advertise their technology especially during the Remien Festival.


Remien Village used to be a very dismal remote location fulled with exile individuals who have inherit the gift (or curse during those times) of the Arts. Some also had to flee from their homeland to escape the execution that were administrated throughout Asuria.


Remien Royal GatesEdit

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The Grand Leader as well as the other Leaders are the main inhabitants of the Royal Gates. It was named for this prestige presents in the world of Asuria. The castle has hosted many of great leaders during the Kulan War and maintains the policy of gaining Equality for all, Remiens and Non-Remiens a like.

Remien Arts AcademyEdit

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The school was founded 500 years ago after the victory during the Kulan War in 1514 after a gain interesting in learning the Arts as a defense mechanism against another potential attack from the Kulans. Over the years, application are submitted for approval to those who don't already have the Arts within their blood has increased especially those residing in Nyro. It still reminds one of the finest institution in Asuria however negatively it may be viewed in Anti-Remien areas.


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