Sophia McKay
Healer of all
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday April 28, 2000
Sun Sign Taurus
Moon Sign Pisces
Race Remien (White Remien)
Height 5'4"
Weight 116 lbs.
Birth Place Remien Village
Weapon Staff
Secondary Weapon None
Family Richard McKay (Father)
Marsy Sinclair (Mother)
Charlotte Sinclair (Sister)
Friends Talos Ashton
Enrike Malachai

Sophia McKay (マッケイ・ソフィア)


Sophia is fourteen-years-old at a height of five foot four inches weighing one hundred and sixteen pounds. She has natural blonde hair with blue eyes. Her main weapon are Staff which help harness her White Arts. As a volunteer helper in the Remien Hospital, she will occasionly wear a white uniform which she will help other fellow White Remiens to healing the wounded. While in battle, she will sport the white attire which will give her flexability to move around quickly in avoiding attacks with flexable light black boots to further enhance her evading skills. Some of her staff also feature a piercing action that can attack the enemy as well.




Gender: Feminine
Usage: English, Greek, German, Ancient Greek
Other Scripts: Σοφια (Greek)
Pronounced: so-FEE-ə (English), so-FIE-ə (British English), zo-FEE-ah (German)

Means "wisdom" in Greek. This was the name of an early, probably mythical, saint who died of grief after her three daughters were martyred. Legends about her probably arose as a result of a medieval misunderstanding of the phrase Hagia Sophia "Holy Wisdom", which was the name of a large basilica in Constantinople. This name was common among continental European royalty during the Middle Ages, and it was popularized in Britain by the German House of Hanover when they inherited the British throne in the 18th century. It was the name of characters in the novels 'Tom Jones' (1749) by Henry Fielding and 'The Vicar of Wakefield' (1766) by Oliver Goldsmith.

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  • Artwork
  • Artwork of Sophia, drawn by Shoemaker


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