White Art almost as rare as those born with Blue Arts because it is generally given to those with unquestionably pure souls. This is usually pre-determine at birth with a bright white glow which can last from minutes to few hours. This glow is determining the fate of the child and if they should harnass the gift of the White Arts. Those who aren't accepted are usually converted into a Black Remien. The longer the span of the glow, the better the chance of the child becoming a White Remien. Even if they aren't born as a White Remien, is it still fairly easy to learn the skills of one. Though it is the third easiest of the four arts, it is still easier than learning the Blue Arts.

By learning the White Arts, you are able heal your allies as well rid of abnormal status inflicted by their foes. Yet to truly master the skill you'll need a pure soul which can mean both ways. Pure Good or pure evil. Those of pure good intentions are able to heal their allies to full strength even if they were fallen in battle, and have offensive skills to damage those who are Zombies, Undead, and Pure Evil enemies. Those of pure evil intentions are ally to heal to near full strength, and build offensive skills to damage thier foes with pure good intentions.

It is also possible to be once of good soul to master the skills neccessary and transfer your enengy to the foul intention and learn both side of the spectrum or vice versa.


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