Zeypher Melkor
The Antagonist
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 18
Birthday October 14, 1996
Sun Sign Libra
Moon Sign Scorpio
Race Remien (Elite Remien)
Height 6'3"
Weight 238 lbs.
Birth Place Remien Village
Weapon Sword
Secondary Weapon None
Friends Lolita Anaconda (Ally)
Erica Beth
Visten Fayuth (Ex-Friend)

Zeypher Melkor (メル韓国語・ぜ卯彼女の)[1] is the main antagonist of Eternal Remien which the player can control for some of the scene throughout the game. Zeypher was born with two different Arts (Blue Arts and Black Arts) and the youngest Remien to become an Elite Remien at the age of eighteen thus becoming the youngest to become a High Remien Leader, second in power to the Grand Leader of Remien, Visten Fayuth. Grand Leader Fayuth is the last heir of the Grand Leader during the Kulan War, and has nominated Zeypher to take over due to his difficulty in creating a blood related heir to the throne. Grand Leader Fayuth has consider Zeypher as a son because he has raised him since the death of his parents when Zeypher was only six and personally train him to become an establish Elite Remien.


Zeypher is eighteen-years-old born on October 14, 1996. He is an extremely fashionable individual who likes to wear comfortable, relaxing clothes and takes pride in each attire he sports. His typical attire is bluish-black top which connects to black cape. Boots and gloves is of crimson color and is usually seens sporting a feather hair of the same hues. He will occasionally wear a kilt as well and dark color tights or pants underneath. Underneath on this, he carry heavy padden armor that protect him from the most lethal strikes and somehow still maintain his agiligy. Without his armor, his speed is unheard of! Another attire that is he's commonly seen wearing is a crimson business suit, slight cape at the back with matching feather hat. Even with such style, he can strike sense in anyone who dares make him angry.

During his battle, especially during serious fights he would remove his kilt and drape his cape off. Sometimes to simply distract his opponents while he swoops in for an attack.


Elite RemienEdit

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Zeypher was born as an A Remien thus having the natural powers of both a Black Remien and a Blue Remien which is the rarest combination ever in the history of the Remien culture. After the death of his parent due to a rare Remien Virus known notoriously as the Blacken Curse due to the effect of fading the skin shades darker to the point of their death. From that moment, Grand Leader Fayuth has took him in as his pupil which many have apply in and were rejected. Because of Zeypher's gifts of both Black and Blue Remien skills, he was able to progress easy into an Elite Remien with the training given from Fayuth.

Single ArtsEdit


  • Zeypher's personality is the alter-ego of the creator's personality, while Talos maintain 80% of it.



  1. I'm not sure if that is the exact translation. I had to separate it by Ze-yp-her and Mel-Kor according to this website: Wikiled.